A Letter from Thomas Kos Writer /Performer of “The Real Heroes”

The mission of the Fealgood Foundation is something I choose to support through my recently released song “The Real Heroes.” Although the song was written and produced six years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American soil, it honors the thousands of men and women and children who were and still are affected by that infamous day, either by their presence at the attack sites or the loss of a loved one. The lyrics of this song refer to so many of the people who are part of your foundation, such as policemen and women, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, counselors and our servicemen and woman. These selfless people were all involved that day and in its aftermath, becoming the real heroes in America not only on 9/11, but every day of the year. Those who risked their lives, the first responders, law enforcement, and medical professionals, and so many others should be honored and recognized forever for their sacrifice.
But as the years pass, the horror and memories of 9/11 may begin to fade for some. If you ask a fifteen year old student about 9/11- they have no first-hand recollection of the day. Americans on the West Coast weren’t has impacted as New Yorkers and those living near Washington D.C and might not understand the significance of Patriot Day. In my own community, one of our teachers lost his twenty-four year old son and a NYC firefighter died, leaving four children. With the creation of a local charity and a street sign changed to honor Captain Martin, my hometown is reminded of the September that changed the face of America. Now in Manhattan, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum reminds us to never let the memories of that fateful day fade. Patriotism, a resurgence of nationalism, speaking up and out about the love of our country- where has it gone over time? Do Americans need to be reminded of what could have been lost and what was lost?

I am sharing the iTunes link and YouTube slideshow video link of “The Real Heroes” with The Fealgood Foundation to promote a realistic view of heroism, patriotism, and honor. Edmund Kos, a career Marine and my brother, produced the video and we have included the Fealgood Foundation’s logo to thank you and honor your efforts. Ideally, this song and video can be shared with your followers and our real heroes will be remembered and recognized. We are hoping through word of mouth, shared links, and a mention on your website/Facebook, people will be willing to purchase “The Real Heroes” and a portion of the profit will be donated to your cause. Let’s honor our heroes and never forget them.

The link to theYouTube video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkTDjZj68GY
and the link to iTunes to purchase the song is http://itunes.apple.com/album/id925462112

Thank you for your support and dedication to our military heroes.


Thomas Kos
Writer /Performer of “The Real Heroes”