The casino industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It has a reputation for being unfair and predatory, but charitable work by real money online casino is a way to combat this. These events typically raise money for charities that help children and families. Many celebrities have been involved with casino charity events. They include Terry Fator, Carrot Top, and Chippendales star Jaymes Vaughan. Charity events allow players to take part in a non-competitive environment where they can try out new games and make a donation to a cause that matters to them. Charity gambling events are a win-win situation for both the casino and the charity. These events can attract a variety of players, including first-time players. The process of contributing to charity is designed to be easy. Players who cash out at a casino’s ATMs can designate one or more charities to receive their change. The donations are then distributed among those charities. The program was introduced at the Cosmopolitan and M Resort Spa Casinos in Las Vegas and has since raised more than $26,000 for nonprofits. Despite the popularity of charity gaming, some have voiced concerns. Concord Casino is the only charity gaming establishment in Concord. The nearest other establishments are in Manchester and Belmont. The casino owner did not advertise the casino, but word of mouth has brought in many customers. Signs placed around town have helped, and it has done well so far.

The mission of the FGF is multi-pronged:

To assist all emergency personnel, including but not limited to, firefighters, police officers, nurses, volunteers, sanitation workers, transportation workers and construction workers, within the United States who have been injured, or face serious injury due to action or omission, in the course of their duties or within their everyday lives.

The mission of the FGF includes educating elected officials and private entities on the various problems, concerns and issues faced by First Responders in their everyday duties. The FGF is therefore dedicated to advocating for First Responder rights and illuminating, to proper authorities, the serious issues they encounter.

In order to assist these individuals the FGF may: (but is not limited to), provide financial assistance for well-being related expenses such as:

  • medications/prescriptions
  • natural remedies
  • health-related physical aids
  • transportation to chemotherapy and other medical treatments and visits
  • Nutrition
  • Basic home utilities 

Additionally, the FGF may where appropriate and possible:

  • place the individual in contact with medical professionals
  • place the individual in contact with legal professionals
  • advocate on behalf of the individual before appropriate authorities, both private and public
  • provide any other assistance that the FGF Executive Board deems necessary and proper in a particular circumstance.

The FGF reserves the right to determine on a case by case basis what assistance to provide in each particular case.

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