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Sean Riordan, Esq

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Dear Friends, supporters and Fellow Responders,
As many of you know, the October 3rd deadline to register for the Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) has passed. Hopefully all of you who registered are eligible to receive compensation. With the Oct 3rd deadline passed, the FealGood Foundation has made a significant change as we are headed into year three of the Zadroga Bill (HR 847). The FGF will no longer provide donations and economic support to individuals. The FGF will however provide support to other 9/11 related charities and foundations. This change in policy after nine years does not come without great contemplation by the FGF Board of Directors. However, with diminishing resources and the realization that many Responders & Volunteers have now received assistance from various resources like (Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, Pensions Benefits, 3rd Party Lawsuits, and now the VCF).The FGF Board of Directors feel that we need to go back to our roots, and that was Grass Root Activism and be the advocacy group that was founded nine years ago to advocate and fight for those who simply can not. This has always been our strength, and we need to go back to our strenght. The FGF Board of Diectors has determined that its resources will be best served as providing more public education of the needs of 9/11 Responders & Volunteers, assisting other 9/11 organizations, as well as ensuring the James Zadroga Health & Compensation Act runs smoothly and is extended pass 2016 when it is set to expire.

For years the FGF has been a staunch leader in the 9/11 community and will remain both advocate and a resource for everyone in the 9/11 community. The FGF will continue to connect Responders & Volunteers with other charities, organizations, doctors, lawyers, elected officials and will advocate if anyone has any issues that pertain to their healthcare & compensation.
The FGF has and remains dedicated to assisting the 9/11 community. We are proud that we assisted in the passage of 3 bills (Walsh Amendment 2005, Zadroga Bill 2010 & Interoperability Bill 2011) over the last nine years. But we are more proud that we were able to help thousands with economic relief while they waited for state and federal assistance, and we are even prouder we helped tens of thousands by advocating everyday for Responders & Volunteers basic rights.
In closing, we have much more work to do as a fraternity of heroes, and a fragile community of wounded warriors. We must stand united in stopping the sequester on the Zadroga Bill, and making sure it is extended well pass 2016 because tens of thousands brave souls depend on it.

May God bless everyone effected by 9/11 and its aftermath.

The FealGood Foundation.
The FealGood Foundation is a non political, bipartisan organization, that works with elected officials on both sides of the isle at the local,state and federal level to assist those effected by 9/11.
The FGF does not endorse or oppose either directly or indirectly any candidate for public office.
The FGF does not donate or contributes to any candidates campaign.
The FGF does not participate or engage in political fundraising events or otherwise solicit contributions to any candidates campaign.
The FGF does not publish or distribute statements for or against any particular candidate.
The FGF does not engage in any other activity that may favor or oppose any candidate.