WTC Health Program

Remembering the 9/11 anniversary-especially those who continue to face health challenges from their exposures. #WTCHP

John nearly lost his life working at Ground Zero. How he regained health and hope. #WTCHP

Many 9/11 clean up workers are sick because they worked in toxic dust without #PPE. How one worker got help. #WTCHP

Do you know someone who worked construction, demo, or cleanup after 9/11? Help spread the word. #WTCHP

Volunteers were critical to the response after 9/11. Here’s how one man regained his health after his service. #WTCHP


John worked on the pile 5 days straight without a mask immediately following 9/11. Here’s how the WTC Health Program helped him. #Asthma, #PTSD, #WTCHP

Morris’ first response to watching the towers fall on 9/11 was “How can I help?” Now, like so many who volunteered, he is sick. Watch this video about how he found the care he deserves. #WTCHP, #PTSD

Glenn, a first responder, took care of everyone but himself in the aftermath of 9/11. Then he realized his family was suffering. “They needed a father and they needed a husband, and I had to be there for them.” #PTSD, #Cancer, #WTCHP

“Whoever wasn’t injured bad enough, worked around the clock”. In the days and weeks that followed the 9/11 attacks, Stanley was among the responders who worked tirelessly. That work came at the cost of his health. Learn how he found the resolve to seek care. #PTSD, #WTCHP

“We went in and we had something in mind, and that was to bring New York City back to life… we never thought about the contamination, we were so preoccupied by wanting to get the job done”. Now Alex and many like him are sick. Find out how Alex got the medical care he needed. #WTCHP #Asthma, #PTSD

“He used to coach soccer, baseball, everything, now he’s starting to get back to that.” One family’s story about how the care their responder got from the WTC Health Care Program is helping them find health again. #WTCHP