World Trade Center Health Program; Amendments to List of WTC-Related Health Conditions; Cancer; Revision

On September 12, 2012, the Administrator of the WTC Health Program (Administrator) published a final rule in the Federal Register adding certain types of cancer to the List of World Trade Center (WTC)-Related Health Conditions (List) in the WTC Health Program regulations; an additional final rule was published on September 19, 2013 adding prostate cancer to the List. Through the process of implementing the addition of cancers to the List and integrating cancer coverage into the WTC Health Program, the Administrator has identified the need to amend the rule to remove the ICD codes and specific cancer sub-sites, clarify the definition of “childhood cancers,” revise the definition of “rare cancers,” and notify stakeholders that the Administrator is revising WTC Health Program policy related to coverage of cancers of the brain and the pancreas. No types of cancer covered by the WTC Health Program will be removed by this action; four types of cancer—malignant neoplasms of the brain, the cervix uteri, the pancreas, and the testis—are newly eligible for certification as WTC-related health conditions as a result of this action.

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