“OH, Say Can You Sing”

The 9/12 Generation Project Asks Students To Join A Nationwide Sing-a-long of The Star-Spangled Banner onSeptember 12, 2014

(New York, NY – August 18, 2014) On September 12, 2014, students are being asked to simultaneously sing the National Anthem. That request is being made by the 9/12 Generation Project, the educational division of the New York Says Thank You Foundation. Singing of the National Anthem begins at 1:00pm EST and 10:00 PST.

The 9/12 Generation Project teaches students about compassion, kindness, diversity, citizenship, and volunteerism by focusing on “9/12” – the day after the terror attacks. The project has helped to transform the worst day in modern American history by focusing on “9/12” – the day the world came together and when thousands of volunteers came to New York to help the city heal after the terror attacks.

“We’re hoping that on 9/12, we will see and hear the world come together just as we did on September 12, 2001 by singing our National Anthem, “ says Mia Toschi, National Director of the 9/12 Generation Project. “It’s important for students to understand the words and meaning of our National Anthem especially as we celebrate the 200th anniversary this year. Also – there has been a lot of “bad news” lately so perhaps this event can bring our nation together – even for a brief time.”

Students, parents and teachers can learn more about the National Anthem and the Flag by visiting The Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag That Inspired the National Anthem created by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American history by visiting, www.912generationproject.org. Toschi adds there are 500,000 students in the 9/12 Generation Project family of schools and believes that with the cooperation of key partners, there will be millions of students singing this September 12.

I am singing already and support this great and worthy cause! JOHN FEAL

History will also be flying at Fort McHenry, Maryland this September 12 – 14. Since October 2001, the National 911 Flag has been in the possession of the New York Says Thank You Foundation and its’ educational division, the 912 Generation Project. The National 911 Flag is the largest flag flown at Ground Zero and stitched back together with the threads from the original Star-Spangled Banner, the flag that cradled President Lincoln when he was shot and killed and by 30,000 Americans. The modern day “Star-Spangled Banner” will be flying at Fort McHenry where the 200th anniversary of the National Anthem is being celebrated September 12 – 14..

The Star-Spangled Banner” is poem written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key as he watched British ships bombard Fort McHenry, Maryland, during the War of 1812. The song contains four verses and became the National Anthem by an act of Congress in 1931. Although it has four stanzas, the most commonly sung stanza is the first one.

Educators, students and parents are encouraged to go to the website,www.912generationproject.org to download free resources. Singing the song of democracy has taken enormous help. The 9/12 Generation Project wishes to thank the Cesar Chavez Foundation, White House Foods, St. Anselm College, The National School Board Association, Greg Bell and Athletes for Life, the New York Giants, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Author Chrissy Carew of Insightful Player, the Feal Good Foundation, the National PTA and WALNUT MEDIA.

____________________________________________________________________________The 9/12 Generation Project is a national youth service-learning initiative whose mission is to inspire and educate middle and high school students with the positive lessons of humanity, kindness, and citizenship of 9/12 – the day after 9/11– when the Nation came together. The project’s goal is to activate these students in service-learning projects focused on community revitalization, disaster relief, and the arts and empower students to have a positive impact on communities beyond their economic means and geographic limitations while bringing to life the timeless and universal core values of citizenship that transformed our Nation on 9/12.