Joe Genovesi Continues to Offer Best Rates on Zadroga Award Advances Through His New Company, Thrivest

Many of you have probably met or spoken with Joe Genovesi over the last few years, as he has been a friend and supporter of the FealGood Foundation since 2011. I have worked with Joe personally for almost five years and can say that he understands the financial stress many of us experience and truly wants to help.  

Joe has recently formed a new company, Thrivest Specialty Funding, LLC, that will continue to assist First Responders with Zadroga awards gain early access to a portion of their award money.  

Unlike a lot of the other funding companies out there that we have all come across, Joe is looking out for our best interests, not just trying to make a profit. With the new bill being passed, Joe understands how this affects the distribution process and is prepared to offer the best terms in the industry.

Joe is determined to provide those in need with access to a portion of their award monies now at the most reasonable terms I have seen so far. I can confidently recommend the services of Thrivest to any First Responder that needs an immediate advance on their Zadroga award.

If you have already received your award letter and are interested in accessing a portion of your final distribution now instead of waiting any longer, please contact Joe for more information.

Joe Genovesi
Thrivest Specialty Funding, LLC

2 Penn Center Plaza
1500 JFK Boulevard, Suite 220
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Warm Regards,

John Feal
Founder & President
The FealGood Foundation