Berlin helps the USA

In response to the events of September 11, 2001, the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation (CCF), Berlin (Germany) initiated a charitable campaign entitled “Berlin helps the USA” for children with parents who were either killed or whose health was permanently impaired due to the terrorist attacks. Since September 12, 2001, private donors in Berlin and all over Germany have contributed money to this campaign.

Until 2028, this scholarship, in combination with already existing support programs (i.e. FAFSA, Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplementary Educational Opportunity Grants, etc.) will cover the costs of tuition for one academic year or two consecutive semesters (if starting in spring) at accredited private and/or public colleges and universities in the United States (2-year and 4-year colleges / universities) on a pro rata basis with the option of renewal for the following academic year (see Re-application). The fund can be used only to pay tuition associated with an academic program leading to an Associate Degree, a Bachelor of Arts, or a Master of Arts. Doctoral candidates will not receive funding.

Download : CBS Information Sheet 2015

Download : CBS Application Form 2015