Advanced Diagnostics and the rise of Post 9/11 Aggressive Cancers by: Dr. Robert Bard

I started my career in medicine in 1968 and enlisted in the US Air Force during the Vietnam era as a radiologist. There I learned the discipline of immediate response to the call of duty, whether it be for the protection of our country or rescuing human life. The 9/11 tragedy brought out that same spirit when our first responders called for help.

I extended my practice to the many police personnel, firefighters, contractors and volunteers who were exposed to toxins or were injured in ground zero during and after that fateful attack, and one by one, cases of knee and hand injuries from rescuers who struggled with the many flights of stairs of the towers or dug out hot and heavy rubble to respond to cries for help. I also handled other TRAUMA cases like eye injuries where my technology was the most effective way to quickly and accurately identify a dislocated lens, retinal detachment and foreign matter that made its way behind the swollen eye lid or into the blood stream.  One by one, we tackled each injury with the best of care, compassion and the highest commitment to recovery using minimally invasive sonogram diagnostics.

A decade or so later, news broke of unique and advanced cases of CANCER arising in droves.  The same individuals exposed to the toxic fumes and plumes of hazardous particles of the danger zone contracted aggressive cases of CANCER and were in immediate demand for medical care and support.  My practice was no stranger to this dilemma as I began meeting and diagnosing cancer tumors in the lung, liver, kidney, brain and eye possibly related to 9/11 exposure.

I personally met James Zadroga in 1992 at an interfaith event but the name did not impact me the same way until way past his untimely demise on 2006. Having connected with John Feal of the FealGood Foundation, we put all the pieces together as far as the extensive yet never-ending work that still has yet to be done to bring much needed support, compensation and political awareness to help the many survivors and affected rescuers of the 9/11 disaster.  The Zadroga Compensation Act was established (2011) by a group of D.C. advocates who drove legislation to ensure that those exposed to the 9/11 disaster continue to receive monitoring and treatment services for 9/11-related health problems through at least until 2090.

My practice, BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING (NYC) has isolated and scanned countless cases of cancers using the most advanced diagnostic imaging technologies worldwide.  We provide early detection and real-time “digital biopsies” of many tumor types using 4D Doppler innovations bringing accuracy and expedience to the most comprehensive report- within MINUTES.  For our patients, this is a priceless alternative that cuts down the wait time, the travel (to multiple diagnostic centers) and reducing the insurmountable level of stress and intolerable bureaucracy.  Our system outperforms the advantages of MRI, X-ray and CT scans by 20-to-1.  We have an uncompromising system that’s unique to the industry whereby our combined experience and technical advancements are called upon by most hospitals and private practices today. 

My services were recently utilized during the terror attack by the truck driver who mowed down innocent civilians on the French Riviera where x-ray and CT services were overwhelmed ( I am a current member of the French Radiology Society-Societie Francaise de Radiology and have been since 1999)

If you may have been recently diagnosed or have realistic concerns about 9/11-related cancers, contact us immediately at 212.355.7017.  We are available to discuss your options and work with your physician the many ways that our advanced 4D Digital Diagnostic System for post 9/11 trauma or cancer cases can help you.  We are ready to work with the current compensation benefits fund to get you the best diagnostic treatment available.

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