ANDEAN MOUNTAIN COFFEE – Proud to be the Official Coffee Company of the FealGood Foundation

ANDEAN MOUNTAIN COFFEE – Proud to be the Official Coffee Company of the FealGood Foundation

THE ANDEAN MOUNTAIN COFFEE COMPANY realized, early on, that good deeds are worth the effort – by the practice of giving we gain. This has been the cornerstone on which we have built our business.  ANDEAN MOUNTAIN COFFEE COMPANY operations include processing green coffee beans, buying/selling/importing coffee beans, roasting, blending, packaging and distributing the finest coffee product available in New York. Our coffee can be found across New York through NYC mobile vendors, coffee retailers, restaurants, delicatessens, professional offices, and internet sales. What began as a small business idea has grown into a stable, consistent, quality brand founded on a continued ideology of helping others along the way.

THE ANDEAN MOUNTAIN COFFEE COMPANY began after a visit to South America where the company founders met local Ecuadorian coffee farmers.  The desire to help the local farmer realize direct profit from their labor evolved into a mutually respectful relationship of fair trade practices with the Ecuadorian coffee producers. The act of kindness sparked the creation of THE ANDEAN MOUNTAIN COFFEE COMPANY. 

In April of 2001, ANDEAN MOUNTAIN COFFEE COMPANY started selling coffee on the streets of NYC to a handful of pushcart vendors…5 months before the tragic events of 9/11!! We were on the street -able to see, first hand- the devastation and destruction of the event.  Amongst all of the emotions we as Americans were feeling, there was also an immense feeling of gratitude felt toward all of the SELF giving First Responders!! Firefighters, police, volunteers from everywhere, anywhere giving everything to help our people, our city, our country, it was overwhelming!

At the time we contributed what we could, as individuals and as a company…our coffee.

Now, the ANDEAN MOUNTAIN COFFEE COMPANY founders, Gilson Garcia and George Franzese, are extremely honored to be able to come together with John Feal and the FealGood Foundation to support efforts to assist First Responders of 9/11. As a sponsor of the FealGood Foundation, the ANDEAN MOUNTAIN COFFEE COMPANY pledges to donate a portion of net sales to advance the cause of aid to First Responders, as our thank you to them for selflessly helping others along their way.