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From: Rosemarie Bowler <>
Date: April 10, 2016
Hi Anthony,
first off, my sincere apologies for not asking you this request earlier. However, I have been working every extra hour since the Zadroga Act was renewed and have wanted to contact you numerous time in the last month but working on this proposal, to be submitted to the NIOSH request for proposal in one week.
I am proposing to study Police and Tower survivors to determine if their self report of concentration and memory problems is supported by clinical neuropsychological testing.  I am actually one of the few professionals who has done a large number of such neuropsychological studies, including EPA funded studies of Ohio town residents over the last 5 years as well as authoring pro bono scientific papers (I will attach them in a separate email not to overload space – but think I have previously sent you some) on the Police First Responders to 9/11 as you may recall I was pleased to propose some more work that includes both the Police we studied and includes Tower Survivors who have hardly been studied at all.  Finally, I have completed a good draft of that proposal which I also include for you.
So the big request to you is if you think the proposal worthwhile, to write a Support letter for my project.  I also include a letter from a colleague at UCSF she wrote plus the Psychology Dept of Chair to show you their approach and reaction to my work.Additionally, I am including a letter from Bob Park from NIOSH, who has helped me in the past with my occupational studies of workers and who is co-investigator for now charge because he is interested in the risk and protective factors for Police and Tower Survivors.
I also look forward to our meeting in NYC on June 2 and may be we can have a little time to talk further.
Millions of thanks Anthony, it would be a great help to me. Please let me know if you could do a letter on such short notice – if possible by Friday.  As you see I even work during the weekends on this task…..
Thank you much,
Rosemarie Bowler
Rosemarie M. Bowler, Ph.D., M.P.H.,
Licensed Psychologist & Qualified Medical Evaluator
8371 Kent Drive, El Cerrito, CA 94530
Office Tel: 510.236.5599; Fax: 510.236.3370
Cellular Tel 510.697.9052; E-mail:
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Posted on April 15, 2016

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Dear Friends, supporters and Fellow Responders,

As many of you know, the October 3rd deadline to register for the Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) has passed. Hopefully all of you who registered are eligible to receive compensation. With the Oct 3rd deadline passed, the FealGood Foundation has made a significant change as we are headed into year three of the Zadroga Bill (HR 847).